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From An Idea To International Brand

*Product : Thermoplastic Template Drill Set
*Co-developed   : ConXept Ltd & Applied Dental (Dr. Brian Tang)
*Achievement : Year 2006 worldwide distribution by Straumann AG
Year 2007 won the Gold Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) of 2007

In early 2005, inspired by years of experience in implant surgery, Dr. Brian Tang came up with an idea to develop a new product that aims at shortening operation time and simplifying implant procedures for dentists. In quest for a partner in product design and manufacturing, he came to ConXept Ltd which is an established dental manufacturer that has been serving the dental industry & providing OEM service since 1999.  

After communicating with Dr Brian Tang for the product concept and through intensive product research, our team realized Material Selection is the key point of success. We then provided practical suggestions from Product Design to Manufacturing Solution. After thorough evaluations of various materials, our team finally fine-tuned and confirmed the product¡¦s engineering design.    

By the end of 2005, together we successfully accomplished in bringing an idea to a product --- Thermoplastic Template Drill Set. This new design and its unique thermoplastic base allow fabrication of an accurate surgical template in minutes, with no consuming lab work, superior maneuverabilityand easy infection control. The outstanding features of this new product soon got the attention of Straumann AG (http://www.straumann.com/ ), the global leader in implant and restorative dentistry and oral tissue regeneration, who later in 2006 got the Worldwide licensing distribution right for the product. Later on, this product also won the Gold Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) of 2007 ( www.MDEAwards.com ).

From an idea to an international brand, it only took a little over one year. ConXept was glad to be part of the birth of a revolutionary product and witnessed the whole process. With years experience in design and manufacturing for the dental industry, we believe that our team has the capability to bring many more innovative products to the dental industry in the near future.



The Birth of A ¡§Time and Cost Saving Product¡¨

The Client
This client is selling oral care products for the private label and branded markets in European countries.

Client¡¦s Development Concept
• • Time and Cost Saving
Innovative and Smart Product

ConXept¡¦s Solutions to Client:
• •

ConXept presented to Client existing products and innovative ideas based on 10-year dental experience
The Client had brought out an idea for new mechanism of flosser based on one of ConXept patented items ¡V Hand Held Flosser
ConXept provide various design and configuration suggestions
The Client & ConXept agreed on one scenario
ConXept then proceed Prototypes, Sampling of the chosen design with Client¡¦s final Approval
ConXpet went Mass Production with Prompt Shipment

Key Results
• •
Entire process took Less than 40 days from inception to Ready for Production
Time & Cost Savings in Research & Development
Become a successful product in the European Market